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Platinum Print Editions

Dear Collectors of my platinum prints,

If you bought one of my 25" x 30" platinum prints from Peter Fetterman Gallery in Los Angeles or at AIPAD or through his gallery, it was numbered as an edition of 50. Speaking plainly, I was never comfortable with such a large edition, but Peter was insistent about the high editions. (He doesn't believe in limited editions). However I am no longer represented by Peter Fetterman and have lowered the edition on the 25" x 30" prints from 50 to 15. So much better! The larger format 30" x 40" prints have been lowered from 25 to editions of 5. 

For a total edition of 20.

Let me know if you would like a label for the back of your print with the amended edition number.

All the best,

Elisabeth Sunday


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